Meeting of the Rector of the OSUIA with representa...

Meeting of the Rector of the OSUIA with representatives of the European External Action Service and the European Union Advisory Mission



Odesa State University of Internal Affairs continues cooperating with European Union (EU) experts. Thus, the Rector of the OSUIA, Police Colonel Dmytro Shvets, met with representatives of the European External Action Service and the European Union Advisory Mission.



The following representatives attended the event: 


Cosmin Dobran, Director of the Peace, Partnerships and Crisis Management Division (European External Action Service, from now on - EEAS);


Emilia Gulkowska, Policy Specialist, Strategic Planning and Crisis Management Unit, EEAS;



Petra Kratochilova, Policy Specialist, Civilian Planning Capacity and Behaviour (CPCB);


Rolf Holmboe, Head of the European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM);


Lyn Sheehan, Head of Operations at EUAM;



Georg Guntelberg, Head of the EUAM Regional Presence in Odesa;


Viktoriya Kovalska, EUAM Regional Cooperation Expert;


Georgios Pokas, EUAM Senior Adviser on Law Enforcement;



Azim Ostowar, EUAM Political Adviser;


Yevheniia Morozova, Senior Expert;


Roman Lipchanskyi, Interpreter.



The European External Action Service (EEAS) is the EU's diplomatic service, which conducts the EU's common foreign and security policy, with the aim of promoting peace, security and the interests of Europeans around the world.


The EEAS works closely with the foreign ministries of EU member states, as well as with EU institutions such as the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament.



During the meeting, the rector of the university, Dmytro Shvets, noted the level of cooperation with EUAM and EU experts and stressed the importance of training for further work in the National Police of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies, which will work in different cities of Ukraine, including in the de-occupied territories, after receiving their higher education.



During the conversation, the participants focused on improving cooperation between the university and EUAM and outlined proposals that could contribute to the development and improvement of this cooperation, including support for new university projects and assistance in their implementation (Centre for the Development of Cybersecurity, Criminal Analysis and Digital Forensics); intensification of activities to involve representatives of the State Police to training conducted by EUAM experts in the following areas: war crimes investigation; international crimes; cyber security; mediation; psychology; OSINT; ensuring public order and security by police officers in the de-occupied territories (mine danger, illegal arms trafficking, etc.); tactics of assisting victims in emergencies (in combat); personal safety and tactics of police actions in responding to offences committed by war participants (military personnel, law enforcement officers, persons with special training).


At the end of the meeting, the foreign representatives noted the importance of implementing European standards in the training of future police officers and wished Ukraine a speedy victory and membership in the European Union!