The OSUIA discussed the current problems of improv...

The OSUIA discussed the current problems of improving the English language learning system in the Ministry of Internal Affairs


The All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference "Actual problems of improving the system of learning English in institutions of higher education of the Ministry of Internal Affairs" was held at the Odesa State University of Internal Affairs.



Today, the transformation of the status of the English language in Ukraine is a necessity and a strategic step towards full membership of our country in the EU and approaching victory, because knowledge of the English language is a key competence in the conditions of globalization changes. Therefore, the purpose of the conference - the exchange of current opinions and positive pedagogical experience regarding foreign language training of education seekers - was determined by the challenges facing the state and the departmental system of education and science of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 


Taking this into account, the work of the conference took place in the following directions: the state of study and use of the English language in higher education institutions in Ukraine; foreign language competence of law enforcement officers of Ukraine in the conditions of European integration; communication technologies in the training and service activities of police officers; international partnership in the training of personnel for the security and defense sector. 



Scientific and pedagogical workers of leading institutions of higher education in the security and defense sector joined the scientific discussion. 



Based on the results of the discussion of the reports, the conference participants adopted a resolution, which, in particular, formulated proposals for the development of joint scientific and educational activities of institutions of higher education of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the expansion of cooperation in the field of development and the introduction of innovative technologies for teaching English into the educational process, strengthening the connection of departmental education and law enforcement practice with scientific research in the field of language training. 



The participants of the conference expressed their sincere gratitude to the leadership of the Odessa State University of Internal Affairs for the opportunity to hold the scientific event and hoped for further cooperation.