Graduation of police officers of the Odesa State U...

Graduation of police officers of the Odesa State University of Internal Affairs



The Odesa State University of Internal Affairs held events on the occasion of the graduation of police officers. The cadets received their first officer epaulettes and in the near future will start performing official duties in the units of the National Police of Ukraine.


Traditionally, after the raising of the National Flag of Ukraine and the joint performance of the National Anthem of Ukraine, those present observed a moment of silence in honor of the fallen heroes-defenders, soldiers, policemen, civilians, all those who died for the independence and freedom of Ukraine and as a result of the attacks of enemy troops on Ukrainian cities and village. 



Diplomas of higher education were presented to the graduates by honored guests, including heads of local authorities, law enforcement agencies, as well as our defenders, veterans who were injured in the war zone, defending the freedom and independence of Ukraine. 



Police colonel Dmytro TORGALO, head of the Narcotics Crime Control Department of the NPU, addressed the young officers with instructive words: 


- You have chosen a worthy cause - to Serve and Protect, and tomorrow you will join the big friendly family of the National Police of Ukraine, the generation of Ukrainian defenders! You have a great responsibility for the life, health and safety of every citizen. Be aware of your responsibility for people's trust. Together with your brothers, you must defend your native land, give a worthy rebuff to the enemy, protect the sovereignty and independence of the Ukrainian state, stand guard over the law, truth and justice. I am convinced that under any circumstances you will remain loyal to the Oath, will not betray the truth, goodness and honor, will be the pride of your parents. Be worthy of your Motherland and the feat of its Heroes who gave their lives in the fight for the freedom of Ukraine! Protect her from the enemy! We believe in you and our Victory! Glory to Ukraine! 



In turn, the first deputy head of the Odesa regional state (military) administration Oleksandr KHARLOV noted: 


- From this terrible war, from the Russian enemy, civilians die almost every day. Unfortunately, Odesa is no exception. Because of all these events, you should once again realize the importance of your profession, the importance of serving the Ukrainian people. I am convinced that today the country has received defenders of our state. I wish you strength, strength. Forward to victories! Glory to Ukraine! 



"Being a police officer is a great honor and a great responsibility. You have chosen the path of service to society, which requires you not only professional skills, but also high morality and the ability to make important decisions in stressful situations. May your strong will and dedication to service always accompany you in your work. Be brave, responsible and always ready to help those who need protection and support," said the first deputy head of the Odesa Regional Council Oleg RADKOVSKY. 



The inspector of the rapid response platoon of the special purpose police battalion of the GMNP in Odesa region, police captain Pavlo VERBYLO emphasized:


- Remember that the path you have chosen imposes on you the obligation to always remain loyal to the oath, the Ukrainian people and the state. Your duty is to protect the citizens of our country, to respect and protect human rights and freedoms, the honor of the state, and to carry the high rank of a police officer with dignity. I believe that you will not lose the guidelines and moral values that you received while studying at the university. Glory to Ukraine! 



Addressing the graduates, the rector of the university, police colonel Dmytro Shvets noted: 


- Today you have chosen a really difficult, extremely important and extremely necessary profession. I am convinced that the skills, knowledge and skills you acquired at the university will become an important foundation for your professional development as qualified specialists of the National Police of Ukraine. Be proactive, honest, and dedicated. I am sure that even in the most difficult conditions you will remain faithful to the Oath, direct all your strength and professional skills to maintaining order and security. Thank you all for your service and forward to new victories! Glory to Ukraine! 



In order to support gifted students of higher education in graduation courses who have significant achievements in studies, demonstrate abilities for scientific work and achieved high sports results, the best graduates of the university, Victoria Bila and Maksym Kiselyov, were awarded the diploma of the laureate of the Denys Monastyrsky scholarship of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. 



At the end of the event, young police lieutenants took part in the traditional ritual of parting with the flag of the Odesa State University of Internal Affairs and marched.