The book "Offensive Guard. Samovidets” was present...

The book "Offensive Guard. Samovidets” was presented at OSUIA


The book about the Heroes "Offensive Guard. Samovidets" was presented to the staff of Odesa State University of Internal Affairs.


The event began with an a cappella performance of the National Anthem of Ukraine by all those present in the hall and a minute of silence in memory of the fallen defenders, military, police, civilians and innocent Ukrainian children.


The powerful patriotic meeting was attended by the author of the book, Timur Nagalevsky, military men Bohdan Nazarenko and Denys Sokolov, and Natalia Kazakova, a representative of the DONS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The event was also attended by our regular partners in educating young people in the region - representatives of the NGO Veterans Hub Odesa and Svitlana Kirilova, head of the NGO Hearts of Mothers of Odesa Region, the mother of a fallen Ukrainian defender. 



It should be noted that the idea of a fiction book about the Offensive Guard belongs to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Ihor Klymenko. The project was implemented as part of the recruitment campaign for the assault brigades of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - the National Guard, the National Police and the State Border Guard Service - which started in February last year. These brigades are collectively known as the Offensive Guard. The all-Ukrainian tour to present the book was organised by the Communication Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine with the support of the Department of Education, Science and Sport.



The event was held "in one breath"! Today, cadets and students and university staff learned how the author wrote the book, what impressed and was remembered during the writing process, discussed the main purpose and mission of the book "The Offensive Guard. Samovidets".



"The main idea of the book is that history is a weapon in this war. We understand that the most precious thing we have is our country, the Ukrainian people, our history, identity, and this is what motivates us to defend our country and our families," said the book's author, Timur Nagalevsky.



The guests of honour and the cadets shared their creative performances, including poems by Bohdan Nazarenko, a military man, and Andrii Bondarenko, a cadet of the OSUIA.



We are inspired by the fact that in Ukrainian contemporary literature there are works that reflect the authenticity of feelings and the depth of motivation of our defenders - our Heroes!