OSUIA: Practical exercises with the participation ...

OSUIA: Practical exercises with the participation of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Odesa Region


Тhe training session on the algorithm of actions in case of fire and first aid for victims was carried out at Odesa State University of Internal Affairs



According to the legend of the drill, an emergency situation occurred in one of the academic buildings - a fire on the fourth floor of the building. The training tool place with the involvement of fire and rescue equipment, a retractable ladder, cadets were evacuated from the building using a self-cranking lift.



Then they practiced extinguishing the fire that had already spread to the courtyard using primary fire extinguishing equipment and a hose line. Cadets of all faculties of the university worked out in detail the provision of pre-medical assistance to the "victims" according to the rescuers' instructions - artificial ventilation of the lungs and stopping bleeding.



The young policemen used a fire hose connected to a fire truck, which was supplied with high-pressure water to extinguish the fire, and mastered the operation of powder fire extinguishers by extinguishing a mock fire.



Also, with the help of mobile security class, cadets and university specialists received information on the types of explosive objects, their characteristics, methods of application, algorithm of actions to be taken when they are detected.



At the same time, in case of an emergency, the participants mastered the skills of using the available chemical and radiation protection equipment in the form of chemical protection suits of insulating, filtering and acid-protective, protective coveralls, GP-9, GP-7, IP-4m gas masks, dosimeters, portable spectrometers.



With the participation of the instructor, the methods of working in chemical protection suits were practically worked out, they got acquainted with the algorithm of actions in case of identifying chemical and radiation threats, environmental pollution.