Participation of OSUIA Master's Students in IHL Wi...

Participation of OSUIA Master's Students in IHL Winter Camp



Master's students of OSUIA, Police Senior Lieutenants Yelizaveta VILSKA, Danylo ZEMTSEV, and Diana SHIMKO took part in the IHL Winter Camp, which was organized by the Ukrainian Red Cross with the support of the British Red Cross and with the assistance of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. The event took place in Kozyn, Kyiv region.



Over the course of three days, participants and contributors covered the following topics:


– what is International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and how it is applied now;


– under what circumstances can an object be considered as a military target;



– how a party to a conflict should behave towards prisoners of war;


– what individuals have combatant status;


– what is the structure of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement;



– what is the scale of activity of the of Red Cross Ukrainian Federation;


– what responsibility individual and state bear for violation of IHL.


In addition, during the event there were interactive sessions, activities and live communication both with speakers and among the participants.