OSUIA: Discussion Platform «Mediation in Lawyer's ...

OSUIA: Discussion Platform «Mediation in Lawyer's Professional Activity: from Training to Applying»



At the initiative of the Mediation Center of the Odesa State University of Internal Affairs in cooperation with the Consultative Mission of the European Union, to support  the Annual Month of Mediation in Ukraine, a Discussion Platform was held on the topic: "Mediation in Lawyer's Professional Activity: from Training to Applying".


The purpose of the event: discussion of the experience and advantages of using mediation in advocacy and the challenges faced by  lawyers on the way of  basic skills training to using mediation in tprofessional activities.



Rector of the university Dmytro SHVETS addressed the participants of the event with a welcome speech.


Liliia MATVIEIEVA spoke about the main areas of  OSU,IA Mediation Center activity.  Martins TOLS spoke about the cooperation between  Mediation Center and EUAM .



The meeting participants were greeted by the president of the National Association of Mediators of Ukraine, Kateryna NAROVSKA.


At the invitation of the Mediation Center, the following participated in the discussion:


Inna TERESHCHENKO - head of the NGO "Odesa Regional Group of Mediation", member of the NAMU board, mediator, facilitator, trainer;



Kateryna KARMAZINA - secretary of the Odesa Region Bar Council, member of the board of the AFMU, lawyer, mediator, PhD in law, associate professor;


Olena DRYSHLIUK - head of the mediation committee of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine, member of the board of directors of the Odesa Regional Mediation Group, lawyer, mediator;


Ihor FEDORONCHUK is a managing partner of the  "Loialty" Bar Association, a lawyer.



Well-known lawyers, mediators, educators, students and master's students spoke at the open microphone.


Within the framework of thematic panels:


– Lawyer and mediation: comrehension, training, opportunities;



– Mediation in advocacy: experience, advantages, challenges


during an interesting discussion practicing  lawyers shared their experiences, beliefs and even doubts, discussing ways to popularize mediation as a service.