The class with the participation of the EUAM Senio...

The class with the participation of the EUAM Senior Cybercrime Advisor



Тhe class in English on the topic: “International Experience in Combating Cybercrime” was held for scientific and pedagogical staff of the Odesa State University of Internal Affairs and cadets of the Faculty of Specialists for Pre-trial Investigation Bodies Training.


The speaker of the event was EUAM Senior Cybercrime Advisor Kiril Milev.



EUAM representatives were present at the lecture: Desiree Hufnagl, criminal investigation advisor/trainer; Tetiana Bielienkaia, regional cooperation expert.


Kiril MILEV especially noted the importance of the provisions of the Convention on Cybercrime (Budapest Convention) as an international document aimed at combating Internet crime and computer crime (cybercrime).



During the lesson, the EUAM expert addressed the following issues: legislation in the field of cybersecurity in European Union countries; the concept of “cybersecurity” and “cybercrime”; structure and functions of Europol; structure of the European Center for Combating Cybercrime at Europol; measures to prevent cybercrime.