Documentary Support Department

The Documentary Support Department is an independent structural unit of the Odesa State University of Internal Affairs, which reports directly to the Rector.

The department of documentary support includes an archive.

Tasks of the Documentary Support Department:

– organization, establishment and implementation of a single procedure for documenting official activities, management information, work with documents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including material media containing official information; implementation of methodological guidance and control over compliance with the established procedure for working with documents at the university;

– organization of document circulation, implementation and control over the observance of the requirements of instructions on office work by structural units of the university;

– organization of consideration of citizens’ appeals and inquiries of people’s deputies of Ukraine, inquiries for information, attorneys’ inquiries;

– ensuring the acquisition, conditions of storage, accounting, use of archival documents formed in the process of OSUIA.



Odessa, Uspenska Street, 1

Tel .: 048 702 50 61