Public Library

The Public Library of Odessa State University of Internal Affairs provides the following services:
– advice in searching and selecting the appropriate sources of information;
– instruction on availability of science literature in the Library’s fund;
– assistance in preparing a list of individual topics;
– providing temporary free access to the Library’s academic resources;
– performing of thematic, bibliographical and factual references;
– consultations in making a reference list according to the standards of bibliographic description;
– determination of UDC identifiers;
– consultations on searching of reliable electronic information sources, working with an e-resources catalog  and electronic-computer program UNILIB;
– inter-library exchange system for satisfying information requests for the documents;
– free access to the international abstract database of Scopus and Web of Science.

Information resources: the book stock of the library consists of more than 105 thousand copies, fund of periodical literature, thesis works, graduate thesis, e-catalog, traditional catalogs and card files, electronic library, Internet, Wi-Fi etc.


Odessa, Sabansky lane, 4
Tel. (048) 709-50-86