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Odessa region police chief Nikolai Semenishin met with university cadets

Today, December 4, the head of the Main Department of the National Police in the Odessa region, Doctor of Law, Police General of the third rank Nikolai Semenishin met with cadets of the Odessa State University of Internal Affairs.

The head of the Odessa police told about his many years of experience as a law enforcement officer and what the National Police do today.

“You must appreciate and clearly understand that you are studying at an elite institution of higher education of the Interior Affair Ministry, and your choice today deserves respect, because at a time when the period of deterrence of aggression from the Russian Federation you consciously decided to serve the Ukrainian people and protect our citizens”, – began his conversation with Nikolai Semenishin.

The head of the MDNP stressed that the cadets, as future police officers, must clearly understand that the use of illegal methods in solving crimes is unprofessional, that it is necessary to be professionally competent to achieve the ultimate goal, which each has set for himself.

“Today we live in an information world, so the most important thing for you is your reputation, take care of it. You will have many temptations and how you cope with them depends only on you. But remember that the profession of a police officer today is very honorable and responsible”, – said Nikolai Semenishin.

The long but extremely interesting meeting made an incredible impression on the cadets. They took the opportunity to ask the general many questions. The young police officers asked whether we can compare crime in the 1990s and now, whether the professional level of police officers in different regions is different, what factors contributed to the reduce crime in our region, what measures are taken in the Odessa region to combat drug-related crime, questions regarding the mentoring institute and much more.

Rector of the University, Doctor of Law, Professor Sergei Kuznichenko sincerely thanked the head of the police of the Odessa region Nikolai Semenishin for such an important and useful for the cadets meeting, because the future of our country will depend on them.

Of course, such meetings will continue.

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