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Graduation of police officers from “Academy of Police” of OSUIA

253213318_1785433911652020_5895465179402174766_nIn the Odessa Center for Primary Professional Training “Academy of Police” of OSUIA the graduation of police officers took place. 99 listeners who have successfully completed the training and passed the final exams will join the ranks of the National Police of Ukraine.

252720936_1785433974985347_5897964957534990313_nThe solemn events were attended by the university officials, heads and teaching staff, graduates and students of the Police Academy, as well as the acting Deputy Chief of the Head office of the National Police in Odessa region, Colonel of Police Alexander Khutnyak.

After the State Flag of Ukraine ceremony, all present sang the National Anthem of Ukraine and observed a minute of silence in memory of the military, law enforcement officers and volunteers who gave their lives defending the independence and territorial integrity of our state.

250393834_1785434711651940_5980847259196179906_nGraduates received diplomas for police qualifications, and the best of them were awarded letters of thanks and memorable gifts.

253428783_1785464078315670_5792149078455253017_nThe acting rector of OSUIA congratulated the graduates on the solemn event. The acting rector of the University Oleksandr Polishchuk said: “Your duty is to protect citizens in compliance with the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, to respect and protect human rights and freedoms, the honor of the state and to bear the high rank of a police officer – a graduate of Odessa State University of Internal Affairs. I wish you good health, family well-being, peace and harmony. Glory to Ukraine!”

With a welcoming speech to the graduates addressed the acting Deputy Chief of the Head office of the National Police in Odesa region, Colonel of Police Oleksandr Khutnyak:

252847125_1785451011650310_7711487808512600075_n“A significant date is coming in your life: from yesterday’s listeners today you are already acting policemen. Dear colleagues, we are looking forward to seeing you in our large family of police officers. I would like, first of all, to thank you, young people, who have chosen a difficult path in your life – the path of a police officer, but, at the same time, it is an honorable path. I want to thank your parents who supported you at this moment in choosing your profession. The main thing: I want to thank your teachers who laid the foundations of your knowledge and skills for further service in the National Police”.

252059612_1785451208316957_8575461536148412902_nFather Vasily, the military chaplain of the garrison church, congratulated the graduates on the holiday and consecrated them:

“Today you stand up to the ranks of defenders of peace, tranquility, order and stability of our state. I pray to the Lord that you will keep the honor of the uniform for the rest of your life and that the guardian angel, Mother of God, Jesus Christ, will protect you, your families, your families, all our dear Ukraine in that peace and tranquility. May God help you in this”.

252755732_1785451441650267_7339002737953525359_nOn behalf of the graduates, police officer Victoria Mironova addressed the audience:

“We have gained vital skills and professional development, because each employee of the center has put a lot of effort and energy, passing on to us not only their knowledge and experience, but also positive emotions, values and vision of the world. We are convinced that this knowledge is a strong guarantee of our successful work – to serve the Ukrainian people, to resist crime and strengthen law and order in the country”.

The event ended with a solemn march and photography in memory.


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